A Catch-up Post

It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged. A very long time. I’ve missed it. However, I have been somewhat preoccupied with other and better things.  🙂 So here’s a quick update on what has happened in our lives the last 75 days.  🙂

IMG_0329 IMG_0460 IMG_0519

Coleson Wyatt arrived.  🙂 He looks so much like Aubrey did! Everybody says he looks like a mini Wes.  🙂   It was my best pregnancy yet and the c-section went great, as well. I had a new Dr. this time and I really, really liked him. During surgery, the three Dr’s discussed politics/healthcare laws. (Two of them especially, are quite conservative.) It amazes me how a Dr can be as comfortable stitching people up, as Wes is with a tool belt strapped around his waist!



Now we are 6… We are in love. Oh, did I say we’re in love??  🙂

IMG_0472 IMG_0471 IMG_0473 IMG_0474

We did a craft.  🙂

IMG_0535 IMG_0548 IMG_0542 IMG_0554 IMG_0556 IMG_0582 IMG_0587 IMG_0589  family pic

We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving.

IMG_0722  IMG_0635 IMG_0660

Aunt Rhoda came home with us and stayed for 2 1/2 weeks.  Yay!!

IMG_0687 IMG_0699 IMG_0701

There was lots of fun in the snow!

IMG_0647 IMG_0752 IMG_0756 IMG_0715 IMG_0709  IMG_0838 IMG_0518

There were normal days…  🙂


Then Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Micah, And Aunt Hannah came. They took Aunt Rhoda home with them. We miss her lots and lots!

IMG_0761 IMG_0767 IMG_0771 IMG_0773 IMG_0774

Then there was Christmas…

IMG_0791 IMG_0788 IMG_0783 IMG_0776

And Christmas day at Grandpa H’s house… There was lots of yummy food, LOTS of presents, a Bingo game and crafts for the kids, and the oldest ones performed a little concert for us at 3:00 pm.  🙂


Let the mess begin… Wes has a list of projects for this winter. The first is making a closet above the stairway and the master bathroom comes next. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to that mess…

IMG_0820 IMG_0853

He’s getting too big, way.to.fast!!! He loves all the attention he gets! He tries to talk and smiles a lot!

IMG_0857 IMG_0858

My big helpers. Seriously. It’s amazing what they can do!

IMG_0672  IMG_0640

I am so, so blessed!!

This past year has been a good one in many ways. A big thing that happened in June, (at least it felt big to me) was doing my GED. Due to some complicated details, I discovered the beginning of June that I had to have it, if we wanted to home school Aubrey. I very nearly panicked for 2 days, knowing how long it took some of my siblings to get their GED. We prayed and decided that if indeed God DID want us to home school, He would open a door. And He did.  🙂 Three weeks later, I passed my test. Happy sigh.

It is fun to have a baby in the house again. Although, to be really honest, we’ve had several very hairy days already. Homeschooling and a new baby has turned out to be somewhat more stressful then I had anticipated. Most days I feel like I am about 10 steps behind. Some nights I cry in the shower. My house is unorganized. I try to keep the bathrooms and floors cleaned and healthy food on the table. But there have also been super days filled with much laughter.  🙂 I am trying to simplify my life. Hence, I have been cutting out a lot of things and taking naps instead.  🙂

Last night I watched Wes and the kids tussling on the floor and chase each other through the house. The noise level was crazy high. I wanted to be grouchy. I just wanted some peace and quiet. Then I thought of it. I’ve thought about it so very much the last few weeks. So many people are starting 2014 with out a family member. Little children no longer have their Daddy to play with them. Mother’s are missing a child’s smile and laughter. Beautiful young women have buried their husbands, their children’s Daddy and have to carry on life alone. I cry for those precious little children and their brave mother’s. And once again I remind myself  that I have so very much to be thankful for.


I am taking this promise into a New Year. Our lives may change drastically in the next year. I don’t know. But I can live, because HE is with me.

Have a blessed day!!









2 thoughts on “A Catch-up Post

  1. Your last couple paragraphs are powerful. So true in my life as well…. there are times I’m so weary and overwhelmed, and then when I reflect on how blessed we are is really does help change my perspective!! You are a beautiful mother and a blessing to call friend. =) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Dearie, I loved it!!:) It was SUCH Fun to spend those weeks with you!!:) The pictures are adorable!!:) I love the ones of the kids opening their Christmas presents!;) Such dear kids you have!:) And you are so very dear yourself!:) I loved the words you wrote! You inspire me so, and I’m just really glad that your my sister!;) I could really just squeeze you all again, and kiss Coleson!;) Believe it or not I believe that I’ve missed him more then any other baby yet!;) Maybe that means I’m growing up!;) Ha!!:) Love to all! ♥ George

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