And then it was March…

I seem to be on a ‘once a month post’ schedule here. Not that my head doesn’t write many posts, but computer time seems to be somewhat limited.    🙂


We got a box of books and stickers and papers in the mail from Grandma Schrock. The Aubrey and Kyler immediately tore it open. Poor Mya was taking a nap and didn’t get in on the fun. And Coleson and little pieces of paper… Well, he has begun to sweep my floor. Putting paper in his mouth has become a favorite of his. And my other children are all into paper crafts and coloring right now.  So I stay busy trying to keep paper away from him.

IMG_1178 IMG_1177

We’ve had some beautiful days! The first thing Kyler asked for was chalk. And His trains have been happily running on their tracks.  🙂

IMG_1190 IMG_1195

Aubrey combed her own hair and played ‘dress up’. She can also read ‘the funnys’… And everything else. She has turned into a book worm.  🙂

IMG_1198 IMG_1200

My 2 helpers mixing up Gluten free Honey Oatmeal bread. It is absolutely delicious and tastes like regular bread. Seriously! Please excuse the ratty hair and pants with the big hole in the knee. No, I do not patch pants. Yes, I suppose I should. I do not have time.


Aren’t they cute?  🙂

IMG_1181 IMG_1186

This little cutie isn’t staying little. He loves riding on Daddy’s shoulders and chasing the other kiddos through the house. He giggles and giggles. It’s so very cute.



Coleson grips the mug TIGHTLY, while trying out Daddy’s healthy chocolate milk shake. Yes, there is such a thing.  🙂 They have become popular bed time snacks at our house.


And this selfie, that Kyler took of himself, makes me smile.  🙂


And so it’s been about 5 days since I started this. Maybe I can finish this time.  🙂


A pile of silly kiddos.

IMG_1217  IMG_1220 IMG_1223

We made doughnuts one afternoon. I used a gluten free cinnamon roll recipe and added some cinnamon to the dough. then we just cut them out like doughnuts, baked them, and had lots of fun frosting.  🙂  The little ppl in this house thought they were amazing! This Mama chose to eat a Banana Cream Cake with yogurt instead.  It was delightful!! You can find it here:


This makes me laugh. Oh, warm weather, please come quickly!!!!! We are so ready!!

Last Friday, I accidentally did a freezer cooking day. Normally I plan for a freezer cooking day for a whole week ahead of time and do my shopping, make out detailed lists, etc. Not this time. I got the urge around 12:30pm. My baby was taking an unusually long nap and I was thinking about the next 6 weeks or so ahead of me. I began to feel somewhat anxious and stressed and found myself looking at the calender, the clock, and thinking of the beef, pork, and several bags of chicken in my freezer. I figured if we have baked oatmeal with yogurt and peaches (that is a family favorite and it’s Super easy and cheap!!) one night a week, I use my crockpot 1 night a week,(pork chops, steak, or chicken) we eat quiche every Sunday for lunch, (another cheap meal)and have pizza every Saturday night, I needed about 18 meals to get me thro’ the next 6 weeks. Anyway, I worked backwards and decided what to make as I went along. we now have hamburgers, taco soup, broccoli cheese sausage soup, (minus the cheese. I will add that when we eat it.) beef stroganoff, taco meat for taco pie, and fried sausage for the quiches. I also had 2 hamburger/onion/mushroom mixtures for stuffed peppers, 1 meatloaf, and 1 pack of meatballs already in the freezer. I bought 2 whole chickens on Saturday, then, so rotisserie chicken got added to the menu. Now I feel like I can breathe. With some veggies, we can have supper in no time.  we have 4 more weeks of school and I have 6 gallons of paint sitting in the basement, patiently waiting to be applied to some of my walls.  Ahh… I love my freezer!! Unless you didn’t notice, meals are very simple at our house!

The sick bug has arrived at our house. I’m doing my best to send him on his way. Mya and Coleson have it, but Coleson is the worst. Runny nose, fever, watery eyes, etc. Poor little baby was so sad last night.  I made up garlic salve and I’m applying it regularly. And I’m once again so impressed with peppermint and lavender essential oils! Use them to ‘open up’ stuffy noses and bring down fevers naturally!! I love it!!

Well,My baby is sleeping and my laundry needs to be changed. And I need some coffee…




4 thoughts on “And then it was March…

  1. Sara, I loved this so much!!:) I truly did laugh aloud, cause you have the funnyist kids Ever!!;) Aubrey’s own combed hair, Kyler’s selfie, the youngest three on the chair.. So adorable!!:) Coleson is getting So big! And I know that I’ve probably never said this before, but I’m So So Excited for June!!!;) ha!:) Like the more I think of it, the more excited I become!!:) We have the most Perfect cake decorators for kids waiting here for us to use when you all come!:) A Great Hug!!;) ♥George

  2. Love this, Sara dear! no judgement here on not patching pants. Altho’ if you lived close to Grandma and she offered to do it, I bet you wouldn’t turn her down.:) I love all your yummy simple meals. simple is best, any day of the week. Your little peanut is the cutest thing ever…and reminds me of my babies, cuz he’s so tiny. Squeeze ’em tight.

    • Yes, I’ve thought about it, Wanda, that Grandma would be sure to keep my pants patched! 🙂 She would have a full time job keeping Kyler’s patched! Please, please come to Mo. in June!! 😉

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