Random Things

The window is open and the most pleasant breeze is coming in. It makes me feel happy, even though the sky is grey and ugly.

I was feeling stressed and exhausted. Yesterday I scrubbed this house good. Today I sat down at my sewing machine and let the house fall down around me. If you know me well, you would know that sewing is a stress reliever for me.   🙂 The girls each have a new dress to wear to church. Happiness.

IMG_1288  IMG_1285  IMG_1238

These children make me laugh and cry.


Spring time! It is glorious!!

IMG_1350   IMG_1351

This funny little man is rather cranky right now. His teeth drive him nuts. Sometimes his teeth drive his mother nuts as well. But, this to shall pass.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240

Aubrey and Kyler wanted to pose in our ‘new’ bathroom. I love it!! Wes did the most wonderful job! I told him I could just sit and stare at our beautiful bathroom. weird. I know. It still needs a few finishing touches, but I love the new look!!

IMG_1357   IMG_1353

The lego master in our house.  And we only have 5 more days of school!! I’m excited!!!


My newly painted living room. I stopped in at Sherwin Williams to check for mistinted paint and was thrilled to find 4 gallons of this grey! I had an appointment and so i was some what in a hurry, and in a moment of forgetfulness, I never once thought of checking what kind of finish the paint was. That evening,  while washing dishes, I thought about it and ran to the basement to check. And lo, it was flat paint and because it was a mistint, it is non-returnable. I was depressed for a minute, but decided that since we aren’t planning to live here many more years, it would be ok. I didn’t want to spend money for other paint when I had such cheap paint sitting in my basement.  Wes said it was up to me and he was fine with whatever I decided to do. I began to regret my decision almost immediately. And next week, the living room will get repainted. There are hand prints and scuffs on the walls, already, and I can’t wash ANYTHING.  So, anyway, if you are interested in interior, flat, grey paint, I have 2 gallons that you may have for the same price I paid for it.  Next time, I shall be more careful… I hope. I have decided that I’m not the most frugal person around. Most times when I think I have an amazing deal, it ends up going South. Kinda like the $4 clock that I bought. Upon opening the package, it promptly fell apart and broke.

IMG_1367 IMG_1369 IMG_1368

And the master bathroom is getting torn apart. Bye-bye, ugly, leaking tub. The girls hid in the cupboard and watched their Daddy tear it apart.

IMG_1370 IMG_1371

Isn’t this the absolute, most cutest, little applesauce mouth that you have ever seen?!

Pink eye has come to our house. Pour Mya has the most itchy, cheesy, pink eyes. Aubrey is just starting. Breast milk to the rescue!  🙂 It really DOES work!!

Sometimes one must stop and re-prioritize their priorities. Wes and I did that last night. It feels free-ing. There have been so many projects going on around here this winter. The kiddos are beginning to feel neglected.

Our new flooring is coming in 2 wks!! That looks like a lot of work to move all the appliances and furniture, but, oh! After living with painted floors for 4 yrs, I am so excited!!!!

Today I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father that cares about the tiniest details of my life!! He even hears a desperate Mother’s plea to please help her find the lost nippy. There it was. Right where I had looked several times. The screaming baby finally went to sleep.

Pork chops, spaghetti squash, and green beans for supper…

I am so glad it’s Friday!!!!!!!!

That’s all.

Must run!  🙂




2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. I read this hammer down because it was so good to peek into your life! The things we mama’s do with 4 young children-i-yi!:) I’m so happy for you and your new flooring and the bathroom looks absolutely amazing! The deal on paint that turned sour, well, that sounds egg-zactly like something your aunt would do! (and I can spell exactly-I just needed emphasis!) You’re baby just makes me giggle. I bet he doesn’t miss a beat with those big blue eyes.:) tight hugs, like Rhoda would say.:)

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