Then it was Mother’s Day

It didn’t all go as planned. But, then, with our little crew, it rarely does.  🙂 The day started extra early for me, since I had gone to bed the night before with a ‘trashed’ house. (Don’t gasp.) We had been gone until quite late Saturday evening, and I simply did not have the energy to clean everything up.

Somehow, things began to go backwards and unravel, as we proceeded to race with the clock. One child woke up with a wet bed. Two children were playing on our bed, one while eating a cookie. One baby wanted to only be held. I got frustrated and talked louder then I should have. It was getting later. I asked Wes if we could please take a picture, since it is, after all, Mother’s Day.


It turned out blurry with the littlest girl pouting, because she didn’t have her shoes on yet.



I ended up having to comb the youngest daughter’s hair again, because she messed it all up. And then we raced everybody out the door.

They all decided to squiggle and wiggle in church, and I missed 99% of the sermon, due to a hungry baby. When church was finally over, and we were on our way to the park, for the church picnic, I felt grouchy and depressed. I told Wes that sometimes I just don’t think Mother’s Day is all that great or wonderful and proceeded to give him a woeful tale. After which, he decided it was time to speak some truth into my life.  🙂  Ah, I love him!

The picnic turned out to be delightful. Mya was so fascinated with the balloons and kept saying, “Happy Birsday Mama!!” Little people, with grubby little hands, brought me handfuls of flowers.

Last night, we were with Wes’ family. The supper was super yummy. It’s always fun to be with them.  🙂  The only down side to the evening, was the messy accident littlest daughter had, which required a serious bath to clean her up.

I was so tired, but when we went to climb into bed, we discovered the bed to be full of cookie crumbs. We brushed them out and climbed into bed. And suddenly, I had to smile. My life is never boring. My house is full of what my friend calls, “Trails of good intentions”. In other words, many things get started, but never get completely finished. I can still hear the Dr’s voice when, after the 2nd miscarriage, he informed me that I never would carry a baby full term, that I would only have miscarriages. I’m so thankful he was wrong.

IMG_1427 IMG_1425 IMG_1431 IMG_1450 IMG_1454 IMG_1463 IMG_1466 IMG_1471 IMG_1494 IMG_1498 IMG_0579

I am so incredibly blessed.  🙂


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. Thank you for giving me life. I now understand how tired you must have felt, after being up with me multiple times during the night.  🙂   You have taught me so very much! Thank you for praying for us and passing on your wisdom!! You impact our lives in so many ways, even though you live far away. I love you!!


Happy Mother’s Day to my 2nd Mom! Thank you for giving life to the man that I love. Thank you for praying for us and loving us. For the many times you’ve babysat, helped me can, sent food home, thank you! I couldn’t ask for a sweeter Mother in law! I love you!

My life is crazy sometimes, but it really is a beautiful crazy, when I choose to celebrate and embrace the gifts that I’ve been given.


6 thoughts on “Then it was Mother’s Day

  1. I can identify with this post quite well. Your Sunday morning sounded pretty close to mine. We didn’t get home til late Saturday night either, and the house was a giant mess. Add to that that I forgot I was supposed to teach Sunday school until after we got home Sat. night. So stayed up later yet studying a bit for that. Didn’t get up very early the next morning so we were running behind schedule all morning. I wanted to get a picture taken with the children before we left for church, but we were running too late. I thought I’ll just grab the camera and take one at Grandma’s house before lunch. I forgot the camera. 🙂

  2. Wow. You are making me cry. I’d give you a hug if I could. These are the days you’ll look back on some day and actually wonder how you managed everything you did…so in essence, you’re super mom. never forget that. And your children will bless you some day just like you’re blessing your mom.. Love you, Sara!

  3. Oh Sara you’re precious!:) Your just a wonderful mother I think!:) And someday when I have My house full of little kids and all those things that will go with my being a mother, (scary thought that is!;) ha!;}) I will call you and you’ll give me good advice and things!;) Cause your kids will be all grown up by then!;) And since When did your kids get so tall!?! cause really they’re quite shocking!:) So darling they are!:) I’m just So Excited for June time!!:) Love you and Multiple Large Hugs!:) ♥ George

  4. I can so so identify with your posts,Sarah! It brings me a sense of relief to know that other Moms might know the feeling of “constantly cleaning up dirt and ‘stuff’ and still NEVER having the house look decent! And sometimes my dear littles act very human at quite inconvenient times! And there are times when I respond very human too, for that matter! You are a great Mom…Keep it up!:)

  5. Bless you Sarah for sharing ‘real life’. You are loved by the most important little people in the world to you and ever so blessed!!! I am glad God proved the dr. wrong.

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