These are a few of my Favorite Things

Life goes at break neck speed. Seriously, every week seems to fly into the next one. And each week brings emotions and feelings that threaten to overwhelm me at times. My heart squeezes with joy over each new thing that my 2 oldest kids learn. My baby’s laugh and the 3 yr old’s sparkling eyes; they melt me. Then there are evenings that I cry to my husband and stories of the day tumble out and I finish off with, “I hope God has enough grace to cover my mistakes.”  He wipes my tears away with his hand and whispers that yes, indeed, God has enough grace…  Ah, Grace.  God has been teaching me so much about you.


Aubrey has been pouring over the first seed catalog that has arrived! She is really hoping that we can go to Grandma S’s house when the peas are ripe. “Because,” she says, “It’s just so much fun to help Aunt Rhoda pick peas!!”


These boys. The oldest loves to build things. He has his own idea of order and organization. (it conflicts with his Mother’s, to be sure, but…) The youngest is the most efficient  demolition crew around. Many times, little Brother gets forcefully removed from the construction site and the door slammed in his face. But here they are smiling. They really do love each other. Kyler can’t wait until Coleson sleeps in his room.  🙂



And this child?! Oh, the drama. She experiences life at very deep levels.

IMG_2649 IMG_2659 IMG_2697 IMG_2718

Snow. How they love it!  🙂


Sometimes they are best friends. They play dress up. They make me laugh.  🙂



Early morning lego party.

IMG_2701 IMG_2695

They love to wash dishes… Oh the mess.

IMG_2800 IMG_2795 IMG_2798

My birthday was special. Not everybody gets such an adorable, blonde, enthusiastic helper while bakings one’s own birthday cake.  😉 The middle picture are my birthday smowmen.  🙂 And the 3rd, is a napkin. They drew a picture on it and hung it from a ribbon, above our bed. Mya, with sparkling eyes and much dancing, explained, “It’s Jesus! He died on the cross! But he’s not dead! He’s in Heaven!”


Penmanship is far from his favorite thing to do. why, must letters be formed properly?! Especially when one is SO cold!! A big, fuzzy robe, helped him feel more cozy.  🙂 The Bb’s were easier to make after that.

IMG_2814 IMG_2820

Monopoly is a favorite here.  🙂 This Daddy is one patient man.


The Kindergartener, his pencil, and his book, disappeared from the kitchen table. I found him here.

IMG_2819 IMG_2807

This little man? He is so very in love with babies. And toilet paper. And silver wear. And the wipes. and kleenex.  If, you come to our house, and there is not one spoon in the drawer, it may be because Colsie took them all out and transferred them to a different drawer. (It could also be that they are all dirty.) Or, you might find him taking socks or underwear out of drawers, running through the house with them and stuffing them in another corner/cupboard/drawer. My hand mixer gets pulled through the house by the cord. He washes his hands in the toilet. He writes on walls. He is busy, busy, busy. He is rarely still and thinks sleep is not important. I love him.


This made my heart hurt with happiness. (Is that possible?) It was so beautiful! God paints the most gorgeous pictures for us. He makes all things new. He is good. He loves imperfect me.

He has carried me, so very gently, through this past year. He has taught me so much about grace.  I am so very, very, very grateful to feel *some* energy again and not constant, utter exhaustion. God is so, so good.  (but that is another post, maybe.)


I hope your day is lovely.  🙂


2 thoughts on “These are a few of my Favorite Things

  1. Love this peek into your life, Sara! What you do every day may not be noticed by many, but God likes moms a lot and He sees your many sacrifices. He also gives moms extra doses of grace, I think, if that’s really possible. 🙂 sometimes we need to learn how to extend grace to ourselves.
    Little Coleson looks like he’s developing quite the personality!

  2. My what cute kids! 🙂 I remember some of these times quite well! 😉 Especially the dress up party! 😉 Ha! And I would be delighted to have Aubrey come help me pick peas! and then we could have them for fiveish meals in a row too! ;} I love you dear! 🙂 A very Great hug! 🙂 ♥ George

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