A Tour of the Place we call Home

Especially For my Mom and sisters, since they have been longing to see this place that I love so very much.  I love the tranquility and feeling of solitude. I feel as though a huge cloud has lifted off of me and I can now breathe with ease.  🙂

And now, for the tour of our house, that we call home…


I have this inner urge to tackle the flower beds. I would tear out lots of things and most definitely rid the flower bed of the pinetree! But, since we won’t be here longer then April 15th, 2016, I will leave the flower beds to the young, energetic Amish lady, who will live here next!


Entering my itty bitty kitchen from the garage door. The space inbetween the counters measures 3ft and 10 in. Between the fridge and stove, measures 3ft. My fridge quit, so I have to use the tiny little fidge in the garage, which also doesn’t work well. I’m supposed to be getting a new fridge this week. Yes, that is carpet you see on the floor.  🙂


This angle from standing in the dining room.


This sits on my counter, because, well, I don’t want to forget what these people look like.  😉

IMG_3489 IMG_3487 IMG_3486 IMG_3485

The dining room.  I love it because I can walk all the way around the table with ease.  🙂


The living room. I was standing on the upstairs stairway, just in case you wanted to know that.  🙂

IMG_3519 IMG_3520

The front door is to the left. Upstairs stairway is directly across from the front door.

IMG_3506 IMG_3500

Master bedroom.  It feels huge to me.

IMG_3502 IMG_3504

We have a Pink Master bathroom, with a blue sheet serving as a curtain. Yes, that is carpet you see on the floor.


The kids are all in the same bedroom. Keeping it organized has proven to be difficult. But hey, even if we had hooks to hang clothes on, it would look like this occasionally anyway.


And we have a blue bathroom at the kids end of the hallway.  Mya has dubbed them the boy bathroom and girl bathroom.  🙂


The family room. Sometimes we do messy around here. The kids have had so much fun with the packing peanuts that came with the school books.  🙂 This room is supposed to go through a transformation yet this week and be turned into a school room.


Toy room


Laundry corner


The brown half bath

For clarification, this is a split level house. Master bedroom, kids room and 2 bathrooms are on the top level. Kitchen, dining and living room on main level and family room, toy room, laundry, half bath on lower level. This house feels big to me.  🙂 And I love the cathedral ceilings on the main floor.


Our back yard.


Back of the house…


And the pond.  🙂


This is the view from my kitchen window. The neighbors horses are always by the pond in the morning. It’s lovely!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  🙂 Must run…


2 thoughts on “A Tour of the Place we call Home

  1. oh Sara, it’s beautiful. And I feel all kinds of happy looking at these pictures! I think i’m just as much a farm girl as you, and living in the country after town life has to be such a huge gift from God!

  2. It’s very lovely! I should like to come spend days there! 🙂 Also, Hannah and I just looked at your old posts and laughed ourselves to tears at your kids! ;} Love you Dear! 🙂 ♥ George

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